Thanks for Giving Me my Life Back!

The Simple Blood Sugar Remedy That Changed Everything.

Six months ago, I was at rock bottom. In fact, I wasn’t even sure that it was worth going on. I’d slipped gradually into an ever spiraling level of depression that I just couldn’t get out of.

The cause of my depression?

Sky high blood sugar levels that had me officially classified as a Type 2 diabetic. 🙁


My name is Brad and I’m a 58-year-old night time security guard in Pasadena, California.

At the start I took it as just another illness. I’d been put on medication for high cholesterol and blood pressure. Then, when I was informed that I had diabetes, I didn’t think too much of it.

Sure, my doctor told me to change my lifestyle habits, cut back on the sugar and start doing some exercise. But I ignored that advice.

I thought that I had it under control.

I was working as a night time security guard and I fooled myself into thinking that the hourly patrol walk I was doing was all the workout that I needed.

Still, the weight continued to pile on. The more fat I got, the more resigned I was to my situation. But then, my wife stepped in. She forced me onto a low-fat diet. But I was only half-hearted about it.

This diet didn’t seem to do any good. Behind my wife’s back, I started eating the foods I really wanted to munch down on. I knew that all of that fast food was slowly putting me in an early grave, but it was also cheering me up. I felt good when I ate junk!

I’d go to McDonald’s, load up on Big Macs and French Fries – and then hid the wrappers before I got home. Then I’d sit down for a dinner of salad and tuna as if I’d hadn’t eaten anything all day.

But then it all began to catch up with me. 🙁

About four months ago, I developed an ulcer on my left foot, along with a collapsed arch on my right foot. They were causing me pain every single day – and I was well aware that both of those conditions could lead to amputation.

Then I developed neuropathy in my fingers! I could touch hot things without getting any pain. But I was still getting burnt!

I found myself becoming reclusive. No longer could I enjoy cookouts with my work buddies, or go out to restaurant meals and enjoy the foods I love. I couldn’t even partake in my great love – hiking in the woods; the pain in my feet was just too much!

Even doing my night patrols was becoming a nightmare every evening. The pain in my legs was becoming almost unbearable.

I was disappearing into a fog of depression, embarrassment, pain and lack of self-confidence.

To be perfectly honest with you, if it wasn’t for my two sons, I probably would have ended the misery six months ago. But watching me go downhill was tough on my boys. Finally, they decided to do something about it.

My boys, agreed 33 and 29, staged an intervention of sorts. They’d busted me for my secret junk food diet. Now they demanded that I do something to get my blood sugar levels under control. My oldest boy, Jim, is an internet wizz and he’d done an exhaustive search to uncover the best possible treatment.

Jim came cross an ancient Chinese manuscript called The Old Testament of Natural Health.’ This text included in its contents the little-known worst enemies of healthy blood sugar.

It also revealed an Asian flower that fights those two traps to support healthy blood sugar levels.

The father of this test was Shen Nong, the father of Chinese Medicine.

Then Jim began to search for a product that had taken the wisdom of Shen Nong put it together in a way that would actually benefit people like me.

And, boy, did he ever strike the mother lode!

Jim came across a product called Blood Sugar Premier!

Needless to say, my boys ordered Blood Sugar Premier for me. They also made me promise to cut back on the junk and start cleaning up my diet.

That was six months ago.

I started taking Blood Sugar Premier immediately. And, I got serious about my eating. The results were, quite simply remarkable.

In the first week, I started to get my energy back. By blood sugar levels, which I was having tested weekly, started to come down. And I began to lose weight!

Within three weeks, the ulcer on foot had reduced by three quarters and I wasn’t experiencing pain when walking.

These very noticeable physical results majorly improved my mood and self-confidence. I quickly got out of my slump and started to feel positive about myself again. 🙂

Now, six months after discovering Blood Sugar Premier, my blood sugar levels are completely normal, I’m officially de-classified as a Type 2 diabetic and I’m back to loving life all over again! ❤

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Very useful video, thanks for sharing it with us.


    You are welcome 🙂


Hi Brad,
Can you please tell me more about this chinese remedy.


    Hi Richard,
    You can read more about this remedy from the button above or by click here.


Hey Brad!
Inspired experience..
I have type 2 diabetes..and i’m looking to give a try to this remedy.


    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for reading,
    Never give up and i hope it works for you. 🙂


I have only been taking “Blood Sugar Premier” for a few weeks, but I can see a definite drop in my numbers from testing my blood sugar at home daily.


    Hi Kathy,
    Happy to hear that from you.


Hello Brad!
I have been taking these Blood Sugar Premier Supplements for a few months now & they have pretty much changed my life. For the first time EVER I don’t constantly crave sweets. This has allowed me to drop 30 pounds without starvation dieting. If you feel your blood sugar is causing you to crave sugar you should give these a try. This is a true review.


    Hi Devin,
    Amazing results, thanks for sharing your review with us. 🙂


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