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My Diabetes Freedom Review: Here's My Results and

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Are you considering buying Diabetes Freedom?

Before you pull out your credit card, take a moment to hear from someone who’s already bought and used it.

Here's my review after using it for 6 weeks...Here’s what I really think!

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Hi, my name’s Becky. I’m a 58 year old proud grandma. However, my joy at the birth of my first grandchild was tempered by the news from my doctor that I had Type 2 Diabetes. It’s pretty difficult to imagine the shock of receiving that news. Ever since my daughter revealed that she was expecting, I’d been eagerly anticipating all the fun activities I’d be doing with my precious grandchild. But now, suddenly, everything seemed uncertain.

The doctor has explained that, because of my poor lifestyle choices, my pancreas was no longer processing insulin properly. 🙁

I was in danger of developing what he called diabetic ketoacidosis, which could be fatal and would be reliant on medication. My kidneys would be irreversibly damaged and I’d also have a severely compromised cardiovascular system.

Basically I was looking at a future as a low energy, low fun old woman who would be unable to share fully in the joy of bringing up her grandkids.

Later that day, when I saw the precious little one - his name is Marlow - I made a decision. I was NOT going to let diabetes control my future.

How I Found Diabetes Freedom

When I got home that night, I jumped online in search of a solution.

That’s when I came across Diabetes Freedom.

The website is in the form an audio presentation - and the more I heard, the more I could relate to the story being told. By the time, they began talking about the product, with its scientific backing and proven track record, I was ready to give it a go. To be honest, I was a little skeptical, having been burnt by other online health supplements. I reasoned to myself, though, that they were offering a money back guarantee, so what did I have to lose.

What’s Included?

Let me begin by telling you what Diabetes Freedom is not. It is not a capsule, pill, powder or other supposed quick fix solution. What it is a complete lifestyle program delivered as a two month program. The goal of the program is not merely to mask the symptoms of diabetes but to address the problem at the root cause . . .

Removing fat from your body through proper diet and exercise.

The program includes a number of video tutorials that are designed to do the following:

  • Remove fatty deposits around the pancreas
  • Improve the functioning of the pancreas
  • Remove toxins
  • Control the appetite
  • Burning off body fat
  • Controlling the diet

Fundamental to the program is the control of such factors as timing of meals, boosting the metabolism and controlling cravings for high glycemic index carbohydrates.

There are three steps involved in the Diabetes Freedom program:

  • Step One - An 8-week nutrition plan
  • Step Two - 7 metabolism boosting rules for Diabetes control
  • A plethora of nutritional tips to gain nutritional control

But there’s more. The program also includes a raft of delicious recipes that are specifically created for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

A bonus that I found extremely valuable was the huge amount of detail that I learned about Type 2 Diabetes from this program. It is tons more than I was ever able to get out of my doctor!

Is Diabetes Freedom Worth your Money?

The complete Diabetes Freedom program costs $37.00. It is available only from the official Diabetes Freedom website. Because of the success of this program, there are a number of pale imitations available through Amazon, so make sure that you’re not fooled - go directly to the source for your original copy of Diabetes Freedom.

Speaking for myself, I definitely believe that the $37 for this program is a great investment. The program is extremely comprehensive without getting bogged down in technical jargon or unnecessary detail. The combination of videos, recipes, metabolism boosting blueprint and practical tips regarding meal timing, controlling food cravings and exercising to lose weight make me very happy with the price.

Discounts and Coupon Codes

If you are looking for discount for Diabetes Freedom, Carla from the comments below found one that worked perfectly fine. It got her a further $10 off the already great cover price. Hope it works for you....

My Results Using Diabetes Freedom

My grandson is now 6 weeks old. And thanks to Diabetes Freedom I am able to get down on the floor with him and share in his every action. My insulin levels are well on the way to getting under control and my pancreas is improving its functionality by the day. I have also lost what to me is a stunning 13 pounds. What’s more, I’m feeling great. 🙂

The bottom line is that Diabetes Freedom has done wonders for me. It has taken away the veil of gloom that descended on my life that day when I learned that I was a Type 2 Diabetic. Now I’m looking forward to a great future sharing in the upbringing of my grandson.

Diabetes Freedom Pros and Cons

  • Research backed
  • Targets the root causes of diabetes
  • Video presentations
  • Multi purpose
  • Money back guarantee
  • Boost metabolism
  • Recipes included
  • Only available from the official website

Wrap Up

Diabetes Freedom truly did what it promises for me. It freed me of a diabetes affected future and gave me back my freedom. Admittedly, it’s still early days but I have every confidence that, as I continue to follow the Diabetes Freedom program, I will completely defeat Type 2 Diabetes. I’m also losing the weight that I have never previously been able to budge.

The bottom line on Diabetes Freedom is that this program is the real deal.

It really works! 🙂

So, if you were planning to order Diabetes Freedom, I thoroughly recommend that you pull out that credit card and proceed with your order. If this page is your first introduction to Diabetes Freedom, take it from a 58 year old grandma, this program is the real deal!

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This review is 100% accurate! I found it to be very interesting. Love the recipes offered because most of it are simplified. Anyone diabetic or pre-diabetic should own this ebook or the physical copy.


    Happy to hear that from you…Yes Diabetes Freedom Program worth it.


Hello Becky,

Thank you for your review and Congratulations!
I have struggled with T2 Diabetes for years..and i think i will give a try to this program.


    Hello Kathy,

    I’m happy that you like my review. 🙂


Hey Becky,
this actually sounds pretty good to me. I’m glad I read your review..
So i decided to buy Diabetes Freedom Program, but I am curious if there is a discount?


I’m happy to finally have a program that works well! After a few weeks I could feel the difference,A very good program for me and I believe this will help me avoid diabetes in the future and bring me greater health!


    That’s great Janice! Glad that work for you.


Hi Becky,
Thanks for your honest review!
I got mine here: http://www.truediscounts.co/diabetes-freedom-discount/ and saved me $10 off. Just start using it and notice a difference.


    Hey Carla,
    Glad that you like it.
    Thanks for sharing this…I’ll go ahead and add it to the main post.


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