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Glucoflow Supplement: My Review and Why

I Quit After 14 Days...

Are you about to click the BUY NOW button for Glucoflow?

Before you do, read my experience.

I have already bought it.

Find out what I really think about it and whether it’s going to do what it says it will.

Read on to find out... 🙂


My name is Rose and at 61 years of age, I had developed Type 2 Diabetes. Looking back on the last decade of my life, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise. But, like a boat that gradually drifts away from the shore, my lifestyle slowly became more and more sedentary while my diet became increasingly unhealthy. An addiction to soda drinks and muffins certainly didn’t help either.

The bottom line was that I was officially obese. I was plagued with fatigue, tiredness, blurred vision and frequent headaches. Still, when my doctor told me that I officially had Type 2 Diabetes ( I got the news on my 61st birthday!), I was shaken to my core.🙁

I knew that if I didn’t make some serious changes, I wouldn’t be around for much longer - and my grandchildren deserved to have me around for at least a couple more decades!

I did the usual things - exercising and cleaning up my diet. But what I really needed was something that would help me to quickly bring down my blood sugar levels. This would, in turn stop the constant spikes of insulin that were causing increased fat gain.

How I Found Glucoflow?

 In my search for a way to bring down my blood glucose levels I, naturally, turned to Google. I came across a number of all-natural herbal products that looked promising. The reason I settled on Glucoflow was that it was developed by an endocrinologist, molecular biophysicist and biochemistry researcher. This guy, Dr. Jonathan Garner, obviously knew what he was talking about.

So, I went ahead and clicked on the BUY NOW button on the official Glucoflow website.

What’s Included?

Glucoflow is a capsule format supplement designed to balance blood sugar levels and increase energy levels. Each bottle of Glucoflow provides you with 30 capsules. At one per day, that gives you a one month supply.

The combination of herbs and plant based ingredients are designed to control insulin resistance. The key ingredients that work together to achieve this goal are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Magnesium
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Licorice
  • Bitter Melon
  • Cinnamon
  • Yellow Juniper

My Experience with Glucoflow

I couldn’t wait for my order of Glucoflow to arrive, basing my hopes of defeating Type 2 Diabetes on the promises on the official website. When it arrived, I began taking my capsules right away. To say the results were not what I expected was an understatement.

On the third day of taking Glucoflow, I began to feel nauseous. However, if this was the price that had to be paid, I figured, I could put up with it. But then, on the fourth day when I checked my blood glucose levels were still in the high 200s. That is not what I was wanting to see. 

The bottom line is that after two weeks, Glucoflow was making me feel sicker and sicker - and my blood glucose levels were not going down - not even by single digits!

I’d had enough - Gloucoflow was a dud!

I actually threw the bottle - with 16 tablets still in it - in the trash. 🙁

Finding Something Better

After my woeful experience with Glucoflow, you can imagine how put off I was at the thought of buying another online blood sugar lowering product. However, I was given a recommendation from a most unlikely source - my own doctor!

I was in for my monthly check up when I told my doctor about my bad experience with Glucoflow. I made the comment that all online supplements were a scam to which he replied - ‘Maybe.’

He didn’t sound very convincing so I asked him if he knew of any that actually did work. He hesitated and then said . . .

“Well, I’m not supposed to endorse any commercial products in my capacity as a general practitioner, but what I can do is put you in touch with another client who has found success.

That’s how I got onto Joe.

Joe was a Type 2 Diabetic like me - or at least he used to be. Thanks to an online product that he swore by he had gotten his blood sugar level down to a very respectable 99 mg/dl - with absolutely no side effects. 🙂

That was enough for me. That very night I placed my order for the product. It was called . . .

What is Blood Sugar Premier

Blood Sugar Premier is a capsule based natural supplement produced by Zenith Labs. It contains a mix of ancient and modern herbal remedies that are designed to reduce blood sugar levels, balance out cholesterol levels, lose body fat and improve nerve damage.

The key ingredients in Blood Sugar Premier are:

  • Berberine
  • Curcumin
  • Piperine

My Experience with Blood Sugar Premier

My experience with Blood Sugar Premier was very different from Glucoflow. For a start, I didn’t feel any negative side effects. In fact, I actually started to feel more energetic from the very first day. My feelings of lethargy and fatigue dissipated and I generally felt healthier.

But that was just the start.

After four days I checked my blood sugar level. I could hardly believe it . . .

It was down by 27 points.

Over the next two weeks my blood glucose level kept coming down. I’m now two and half weeks in and my level is not quite as low as Joe’s - but it’s not far away. 😉

Is It Worth the Money?

Blood Sugar Premier costs $49 for a 30 days supply. (UPDATE: 50% discount available)

That compares to $69 for a 30 day supply of Glucoflow. That represents excellent value for money, working out to about $1.50 per capsule. To receive the remarkable results that I got in terms of blood sugar balancing for a buck and a half a day is well worth it.

Comparing Glucoflow with Blood Sugar Premier :


Blood Sugar Premier


Number of Ingredients



Money Back Guarantee

60 Days

60 Days

Price Per Bottle



Discounts and Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, Glucoflow Supplement discount isn't available online.

If you are looking for discount for Blood Sugar Premier by Zenith labs,Kathy from the comments below found one that worked perfectly fine. Hope it works for you....


My experience with Glucoflow was not a good one. Not only did it not provide me with the blood sugar level reductions that I was hoping for, but it gave me all sorts of bad reactions. Thank goodness, I was pointed towards Blood Sugar Premier by Joe. This product really worked, finally bringing down my blood sugar levels and taking me out of the diabetes zone. And it did it all without giving me any negative side effects.

Based on my experience I would encourage anyone who is about to buy Glucoflow and to invest in Blood Sugar Premier instead. 🙂

Special Thanks to Joe for the recommendation...This product helped me get my life back.❤️

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Hey Rose,
Your review is 100% accurate..I tried Glucoflow for 30 days, it did not help me at all..Useless.


    Hi George,
    Thank you for reading my review…Never give up and i hope you found my experience helpful. 🙂


I bought more than 3 months supply of Gluco Flow Supplement. But didn’t work one bit. In fact I didn’t bother to finish it. What a waste of money.


    Sorry to hear Carla…Did you try getting a refund?


Hello Rose,

Yes, this actually sounds pretty bad to me. I’m glad I read your review before I spent my money on Glucoflow.
Your other recommendation seems much better I would say. I’m just curious if there is a discount for that one.


I tried different brands and Blood Sugar Premier the only one that worked for me.
It helps me to keep sugar down…i will continue taking it and I highly recommend it for anyone with type 2 diabetes!


    Hi Tony,
    Happy to hear that from you..
    Yes Blood Sugar Premier worth it.


Hi Rose,
Thanks for your honest review!
I just got mine here: http://www.truediscounts.co/bloodsugarpremiersupplement-discount/ and saved me 50% off.


    Hi Kathy,
    Glad that you like it.
    Thanks for sharing this…I’ll go ahead and add it to the main post.


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